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LIV's purpose is to deliver non-military material and equipment to save lives.


Emergency life-saving aid and reconstruction

The business relief operation LIV works along two axes:

  1. Project financing and delivery of life-saving machines, equipment, and materials to areas affected by war and conflict
  2. Network development where Norwegian innovation environments and businesses are connected with local businesses in war zones for mutual cooperation, business development, and reconstruction


Current projects

LIV Ukraine 1 *)
The Norwegian nurse Jeanette, who works at Hospital 3 Krematorsk, has sent us a list of what they need the most - ambulances, MRI machines, ventilators, and medical equipment are prioritized in the first shipment. LIV is in the process of financing purchases, obtaining equipment, and preparing the first delivery; two vehicles with their own trailers will travel and deliver directly to the hospital in May 2023.
Fundraising target: 0.8 - 1 million NOK

Fundraising status: NOK 450.000

*) LIV collaborates on procurement and logistics with several organizations.


LIV business network Ukraine

We establish a network where Norwegian innovation environments and businesses meet Ukrainian businesses with the goal of cooperation; purchase of goods and services and exchange of experiences/knowledge sharing. The purpose of the network is to create local jobs that contribute to economic growth and establish important structures needed to rebuild functioning, sustainable societies.

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